Welcome to my website!

My name is Denis Kulikov. I am a self-taught musician. I play the piano and compose original music for this great instrument.

All my works are presented here. Feel free to browse the music section of the site to listen to all available tracks. There is also an option to download any track you like.

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I hope that you'll like my music. Thank you for your interest in my humble person.


Here you can find all my works.
You can listen to them here or directly on the soundcloud.

Before the Dawn

A Letter to a Friend

Sunny Day Walk

All That Remains

Nothing Has Changed

A Perfect Day



There are several download options available to you.

THE FIRST ONE is the site kroogi.com where you can download any track you like
or all of them in one package as high quality mp3 files.
Payment on the site is optional, and you can download everything without any restriction.
But if you really like my work, please consider making a donation. Any amount would be great.

Albums on the kroogi.com

THE SECOND OPTION is to buy any album or track on the bandcamp.com site.
There you can download high-quality files in FLAC and other digital formats.

Albums on the bandcamp.com

If you want to download my music but the price is too high for you,
please contact me and we'll figure something out!


If you like my music, you can support me by paying for downloaded tracks on kroogi.com or bandcamp.com.

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You can pay what you want. Any amount would be great.